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The photos below are just a small sample of our extensive library of documentary, archival, historic, and contemporary photographs. We’ve been taking photographs in and around Northern California on a wide variety of subjects for nearly 50 years and we’ve been collecting old photos almost that long. The Auburn Photography collection also includes the photographic library of the late Charles E. Barieau. If you’re interested in purchasing a photograph on any of the below subjects or are interested in another subject, contact us. We hope to hear from you!!

U.S. Hwy.40 Rainbow Tavern – 1950s
State Route 49 @ Auburn, CA – 1970s
U.S. Hwy.40 @ Hilltop, Auburn, CA – 1960s
Placer Co. Courthouse before existing, Auburn, CA - 1850s
Tevis Cup – 1970s
Auburn Lake Trails Ride - 1981
Auburn Airport – 1960s
U.S. Hwy.40 @ Maple St., Auburn, CA - 1947
Lake Clementine Dam – 1955 flood
Lincoln Hwy. – Donner Summit/Donner Lake 1917
U.S. Hwy.40 Construction of Newcastle Tunnel -1930
U.S. Hwy.40 Rainbow Bridge – 1933
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