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About Us

We are Mike and Janet Virgil of Auburn Photography.

Mike’s introduction to photography was in 1956, when, at the age of 13, he took his parents’ Kodak box camera and started shooting photos on their ranch in Loomis, California. When he saw the developed prints, his love affair with photography began.

Mike is never without his trusty camera (or two). Either on his own or as a professional in the land surveying business, he has continued to photograph in and around the Gold Country of Northern California from the Sierra to the Bay Area and everywhere in between in a serious way since the early 1960s. For all of his nearly 50 years in land surveying "looking through the gun" and tramping throughout Northern California searching for that elusive "survey corner", Mike has always been with camera in hand snapping photos wherever he went.

Mike’s passion for photography and our vision for a means of preserving Northern California history on film became a reality when we established Auburn Photography in 1999. Our purpose was, and remains today, to take this vision and passion to a professional level and to share with the world the photographs we have taken ourselves throughout the years. Our vision also includes sharing our extensive library of the photos we have collected.

In 1999 we acquired, through his living bequest to us, the photographic library of Charles E. Barieau. Charlie, as he was known by those who knew and loved him, was an avid lifelong photographer, who traveled the world taking photographs wherever he went. He became Mike’s mentor and taught Mike many of the “tricks of the trade” he uses in his work today.

Our mission at Auburn Photography is to keep Charlie’s legacy alive by sharing with the world at large the documentary, archival, historic, and contemporary photographs from his and Auburn Photography’s collections.

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